Amathalente Zulu Village and Lodge Cultural Tour

Tour rates are R220 per person with kids under 12 years half price and under 6 years are free.

The location gives you the opportunity to study the customs and rites of traditional Zulu life, from the lobola (brides price) to the fortune tellings and magic of the Sangoma (traditional healer). You will also get the opportunity to see the creation of the amazing Zulu handicrafts, Boy in traditional Zulu warrior outfit like their beadwork, grass baskets, mats, walking sticks and much more. Of course you will also get the chance to experience the life of the modern Zulus, of which many are opening their doors for visitors.

Hippo & Croc Boat Safaris on Lake St Lucia

Enjoy an idyllic estuary cruise in search of crocodile, hippo and wonderful birdlife on the St Lucia Estuary. Experienced skippers and guides await you aboard on our 15-seater vessel, which boasts comfortable seating and guaranteed personal attention.